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Our solution only works with operators at our 24-hour central station that can deter crime before it happens and alert police of an actual crime in progress. Once the intrusion system detects human movement on the property the next step is engagement to deter, threaten or alert the police. This type of system requires a service to work.

In most cases, you can use some of your existing detectors but most of them lack the information that our motion viewers give to an operator to verify an alarm activation.

In some instances, you may be able to use some of your existing detectors with Genius View. In most cases, however, current detectors lack the capability to provide the information needed to verify an alarm activation. Many of them use passive infrared which is prone to false alarms caused by light, white noise, small animals, and temperature fluctuations. By using our motion viewers the operator immediately will see what caused the activation of the alarm. This vital information is used to determine if the activation was a threat or just a nuisance alarm.

Conventional security systems contact Police Department after a break-in has occurred with no details on how or why the alarm was triggered. Your local Police Department is so inundated with these false alarms from these devices that the response time is of low priority. Genius View was designed by a security professional with over 70,000 hours of experience in working with central station dispatch, police department response, and commercial property deterrent measures.

These types of devices were designed for consumers who would like to self-monitor their property. The novelty of being notified of constant alert activations usually lasts for about a week before the end user ends up turning off the constant alerts. Genius View is a full turnkey solution that eliminates false alarms not just from police dispatch but also of you being notified (unless you want to be notified) of non-events. With Genius View, its SET and Forget–our central station live operators watch and protect your property and only inform you of important events.

In most cases, Genius View will easily work with existing surveillance equipment provided it is updated and operational. Our software works with most professional surveillance equipment and we can utilize existing surveillance equipment or easily upgrade to a digital solution.

Most wireless cameras require monthly battery replacement and can not be used for 24-hour surveillance. They can only record clips like our motion viewers. For most businesses, this solution will not work because they need to record video of daily events.

Genius View is only as good as our live operators watching and monitoring over it. Our operators are trained and vetted by the best security coaches and speak fluent English and are continuously evaluated on professionalism, following procedures, and fast reaction to an event.

Video Verification and Video Monitoring are closely related, and most security integrators and use the terms interchangeably. Both require a 24hour central station, and both offer a higher level of security than conventional burglar alarms and surveillance systems. They both can send email alerts, notifying of an incident at the monitored site in real-time. Verification only happens after you arm the system and a motion viewer or sensor has been triggered. Video monitoring is used to watch cameras for suspicious behavior like a guard patrol would use.

Genius View is a cost-effective solution that can help increase security and employee safety while preventing costly false police dispatches. Law enforcement and municipalities are looking for ways to minimize false alarms by using video verified systems so that they can respond quickly to situations where a response is required.