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Young Houser Story

Like most young boys, Michael K. Houser enjoyed playing “cops and robbers” with his buddies. Except Michael HAD to be the good guy every time… bringing pint-sized evil-doers to justice with his trusty blue squirt gun. It was clear that young Houser possessed an inherent need to keep the community safe. 

When he wasn’t busy keeping the peace, he was cutting his teeth in the real world. After school and on weekends, you’d often find him working side-by-side with his dad, who had built his own business in electric trade. From the first time he tagged along with his pop, Michael knew that he was destined to be an entrepreneur. It was in his blood, so to speak.

Along with soaking up every bit of knowledge he could from his dad, Michael also picked up side jobs whenever he could. The extra cash gave him the freedom to pursue interests like Jujitsu—the martial art that taught him both the discipline and focus that have been essential to building a successful business. 

It was while working with his dad that the young Houser got his first glimpse into the world of security. His father’s company picked up an account that included a security component. Since security was not a core competency, Michael rolled up his sleeves and learned everything he needed to know to successfully configure the security systems.

Michael continued to learn his craft on the job and through trade school. As his expertise grew, he noticed that the quality of the security schematics, installation, and service, was seriously lacking in the industry. He decided the best way he could make a difference and elevate the level of service was to start his own business. So, in 1989, Michael launched Electronic Eye Security.

Electronic Eye Today

Electronic Eye Security serves commercial businesses in Orange County and surrounding communities that have more than $1 million in inventory and/or more than 10,000 SF as well as affluent Orange County residential communities. 

The founder, Michael K. Houser, known as “The Security Genius,” has more than 65,000 hours of expertise in keeping businesses, homes, and the people in them, safe. He understands that your needs are different from everybody else out there. That’s why he never uses a “cookie-cutter” approach and remains personally committed to ensuring each Electronic Eye Security customer receives outstanding service and protection.

Michael has lived in Orange County his entire life and cares deeply about keeping his community safe.

Michael considers it his personal mission to make Orange County safer, one client at a time. He cautions Orange County businesses and residents to “get their heads out of the sand when it comes to security.” Many communities seem safe, but things are often not what they seem. 

Simply check out your local police blotter for the one-mile radius around your home or business. You’ll probably find the results as jarring as getting a pitcher of ice-cold water dumped in your lap.

Your security matters to Michael. His team at Electronic Eye Security has your back and they’re always available when you need them.