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Using Remote Video Monitoring to Solve Property Management Challenges for Vacant Buildings

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One of the most challenging jobs in property management is managing a vacant building. Without being occupied at least during business hours, empty buildings become a beacon for crime. Without proper management and security, they become a cover for activities such as drug dealing, vandalism, and theft, creating insecurity within the community. Research shows that vacant buildings are hotspots for crime, no matter how “safe” the community. 

As security professionals specializing in supporting property management and securing unoccupied buildings in Orange County, California and surrounding areas, at Electronic Eye Security knows that it is essential to mobilize the appropriate technologies as soon as a building becomes vacant to protect the asset and preserve the community. One of the most effective of those technologies is our proactive video monitoring solution, Genius View.

What is Genius View? 

Genius View is a complete, proactive video alarm system that uses intelligent analytics to detect unwanted activity and immediately alerts trained security professionals who provide audio intervention and swift, professional police dispatch. Genius View stops crime before it has a chance to happen!

What Are the Advantages of Remote Video Monitoring? 

Genius View technologies combine the power of video surveillance, powerful analytics, and live video monitoring and intervention for one powerful crime prevention solution. Here are just a few of the advantages. 

Prevent Trespassing

Whether the intent is for general exploration or committing a crime, preventing trespassing is extremely important. Unoccupied buildings often possess “attractive nuisances” or human-generated conditions that draw trespassers, posing a safety hazard. Even if you do not own the building, the liability could be shared should someone get injured. Live video monitoring can let trespassers know that they are under surveillance, and a description of them will be provided to law enforcement who have already been dispatched.

Prevent Loitering

Unoccupied buildings attract loitering, or people hanging out with no reason or authority to be on the premises. This can lead to property damage and encourage other criminal activity. 

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

75% of burglaries occur when buildings are unoccupied. Even if the building is unoccupied and empty, criminals still have a huge opportunity to steal things like copper wiring, fixtures, and other materials. Video monitoring detects anyone on the property before they have a chance to cause damages or loss. 

Provides Ongoing Property Visibility

Remote video monitoring provides an extra level of 24/7 visibility to building owners and property managers.

What Areas Can You Use Genius View?

Genius View is the ideal security solution to support property management. Here are just a few of the common areas it is used to secure. 

  • Indoor Areas of Large Buildings
  • Parking
  • Used as Perimeter Protection
  • Protecting Electrical Equipment
  • On Rooftops

Advantages of Genuis View

  • Technologically advanced
  • Easily Implemented
  • Solves Multiple Problems
  • Provides flexibility
  • Augments Guard Services
  • Lowers the Security Cost 
  • Improves Efficiencies 
  • Safely De-escalates Crime Events

Video Surveillance in Orange County, California

If you are looking for “video surveillance near me” or “remote video monitoring,” look no further than Electronic Eye Security. Locally owned and operated, Electronic Eye Security Specializes in protecting property and creating safe spaces with highly flexible remote video monitoring solutions. 

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