• Protect your assets from theft before it happens
  • Break-ins – Stop intrusion before it occurs
  • Vandalism – Stop potential damage to your property
  • Never have a false alarm police dispatch again … EVER!
  • Works with most existing surveillance equipment
  • Works with multiple site locations
  • Can be managed and controlled anywhere using a smartphone
  • Operates during the day as a loss prevention security guard
  •  24 hour security checks that monitor video feeds and connectivity issues

How Genius View works

Intelligent Intrusion detector senses human movement: Military grade intrusion detectors steam video clips instantly to live operator upon activation

Live Operator: Reviews clips and brings up live camera feeds of intrusion area

Instant Response:Operator engages 2 way talk-down audio and warns intruder to vacate premise immediately

Observation:Operator escorts potential criminal away with audio or notifies police department of an actual crime in progress

Apprehension: Operator assists in tacking and capturing criminal on location